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WIYO – Wireless Internet while Travelling

wiyoHas it ever occurred to you that streaming internet can be troublesome when you’re travelling abroad? Sure, you have a choice of turning on the international data roaming from your smartphone’s setting. But let’s face it – data roaming is hardly cheap. Even the “best data roaming rates” promotion provided by various telcos such as Digi and Maxis, the minimum price you have to pay is at least RM35 per day.

This is where Hong Kong-based Wiyo comes to the rescue. Now available locally, Wiyo provides short-term data rental to those who travels outside Malaysia. This data rental comes in the form of a handheld mobile device known as Pocket Wi-Fi. Just like the name suggested, the device is compact enough to fit into your pocket easily. The Wiyo Pocket Wi-Fi allows you to access the wireless internet anytime, and it supports both 3G and 4G.

If you’re wondering how does Wiyo works, the company collaborates with international mobile operators all over the world that enables you to get the best internet access possible. At present, Wiyo has covered 25 countries and slated to cover another 60 countries in the near future.

To rent a Wiyo, you need to fill in your travel details and register online at Alternatively, you can call the Wiyo hotline at 017-888 8201 or email to to make a booking. From there, you will receive a Booking Summary where you need to perform a bank transfer within two days. Once the payment is completed, you have two choices of either picking up the Pocket Wi-Fi device pack at your pre-selected location one day prior your departure date or request to courier it you (charged at RM15 for shipping fee).

Although the rental rates priced between RM30 to RM40 per day, you might be thinking that Wiyo is no different than your average data-roaming services. But bear in mind, Wiyo provides an extra advantage that allows you to connect up to 10 mobile devices. This is especially useful if you’re travelling in group and you can share the cost together.

Apart from Pocket Wi-Fi rental, Wiyo also provides rental for powerbanks. Priced at RM4 per day, the Wiyo powerbank is packed with 5000mAh+ and blessed with a slim design.




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