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Unifi and its services

Telekom Malaysia provides a triple-play service which is known as Unifi. The word Unifi comes from the addition of two words: “uni” which means togetherness and friendship and from “Fi” which means fiber optics.

Through this service people, can get access to high-speed internet, get good phone connectivity, and can also access IPTV at their homes. The service benefits both residential and business consumers of Malaysia and the technology used for delivering the service depends on the premises of the customers’ residential areas. For instance, if the customer resides in a landed property then Fibre to the Home or FTTH technology is used where as if the customer resides in a multi story building then very high speed Digital Subscriber Line 2 or VDSL2 technology is used to provide the service.

Understanding Unifi

Telekom Malaysia launched Unifi on March 24, 2010. It was launched in order to harden and intensify competition in the market of broadband service providers. Telekom Malaysia provides Unifi services to approximately 48 areas in the nation. The price rate of the services provided depends on the customers’ use and also depends on the speed of downloads and uploads.

Residential package called VIP

The triple play Unifi service which provides residential package is called VIP as it provides three kinds of services. In this service, the V stands for Video or Internet Protocol Television, the I stand for High Speed Internet Access and the P stands for Phone.

What are the benefits of VIP?

VIP services have many benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • High quality movies and video clips can be downloaded within a short span of time.
  • With the help of Internet Protocol Television, people can get access to a large number of TV channels. The picture quality of the TV also increases and stabilizes.
  • People can do their work from home as the internet speed is high and they can keep constant touch with their offices and clients all over the world through video and voice callings.
  • Shopping has been made easy through this as people can shop from the comfort of their home through online shopping sites; the payment system too is secured.
  • People can connect with other people all around the world and play high-resolution online games.
  • As the download speed is high, people can download fast books, journals, and magazines. They can also study online and get an efficient study and research done.


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