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We know how important the internet is to us; it enables us in break down the barrier and exchange ideas with one another. Like all other countries telecommunication services, internet, and communications industry in collaboration with YTL corporations launched YES service provider. The YTL corporations under the supervision of Mr. Wing K. Lee launched the 4G network, phone and other services, the fastest 4G mobile internet with voice. With the help of this service, the community and the country is developing at a fast pace which is improving the quality of life of the citizens and also helping in promoting and supporting the technological innovations.

Services and products that are offered by the Yes 4G

YTL is known for bringing the first mobile internet with voice for the Malaysian operators. It offers wireless networking facility, dongle device, cloud computing, call conferencing, call and SMS plans for prepaid and postpaid operators, high speed superfast surfing, video calling, roaming facilities, etc.

They also offer services for users to watch and listen to music and play games in their own applications etc. Yes 4G is available in almost all devices like 4G smartphones, mobile hotspot, 4G dongle, 4G Dongle, 4G gateway, 4G cloud phones, 4G chromebook, etc. Yes 4G also offers its provider the facility of usage through authentication method with the help of User ID and passwords, which does not require a SIM card.

Apart from these above stated services and facilities, Yes 4G provides free 300 megabytes of data transfers for the undergraduates for just a monthly amount of RM9. These advantages for the undergraduates are sanctioned under the Education Partner Program (EPP) and a number of well known colleges are participating in it.

Awards and Recognition

With its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Yes brand is offering advanced technologies and services for its users. According to recent statistics, Yes brand has touched the hearts of about 70% of the Malaysian population.

Therefore, the brand has received prestigious awards and is widely acclaimed for the innovation it has provided to its customers and also because of its contribution in connecting the people with the world of fastest internet.  Some awards received by the company are – the ‘Best New Service’, ‘Most Promising Telecom Service’ in the year 2013, ‘Most Innovative Service Provider’ in the year 2012, and also ‘ Broadband InfoVision Award’ in the year 2011.

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