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Say yes to Yes 4G

One of the telecommunications service providers of Malaysia owned by a company named YTL Corporation is Yes. The service provider is based on pre-paid model and hence the customers of the same have to top up their accounts before using any service of this provider. Through this billing system people need to have credits in their accounts in order to use data plans, text message services, and voice calling. The service provider launched its post-paid billing system in the year 2012.

4G devices and programmes

People can get access to the Yes 4G through Yes devices. The different Yes devices are: Yes Go USB dongle and Go $G dongle, Yes 4G phone namely the Yes Buzz, Yes Huddle Wi-Fi mobile hotspot, and the home and office Wi-Fi service known as the Yes Zoom and Zoom 4G gateway. Other than these, the Yes 4G can be accessed from the following devices:  eclipse 4G smart-phone, huddle XS mobile hotspot, buzz 4G cloud phone, and Samsung 4G chromebook.

The company also provides Yes 4G accounts to the undergraduate students in Malaysia under the education partner program. Through this, the students can transfer data up to 300 MB monthly free of cost.

Why should one choose Yes 4G

People of Malaysia can opt for Yes 4G services and plans because:

  • It provides the fastest 4G mobile internet and is up to 10 times faster than 3G services. With this fastest 4G mobile network, people can surf the internet, play games, or download any file from the net at a very high speed.
  • With the help of Yes 4G people can download and stream videos very fast and they do not have to go through the irritating system of buffering like other generation connectivity.
  • With 4G connectivity, the speed of the internet is very high in Malaysia, in some cases, being as high as 20 Mbps. The service cost is not very high and common people can easily afford it.

Hotspots and 4G

People residing in the areas of Klang Valley of Malaysia can get access to high speed internet with the help of 4G technology through various Yes hotspots. For getting access to these hotspots, people have to create their Yes ID. Through these Yes IDs, people can surf the internet from their desktops, laptops, tablets, notebooks, and smart phones. There is no need for any cables or dongles for enjoying the internet services. People from other areas of Malaysia too can avail this facility while they travel to and from the valley and are within coverage area.


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