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Broadband services simplified for Malaysians

What is broadband? Broadband is a term used mostly in the telecommunication sector. The data is transmitted through a wide bandwidth to a number of signals and various types of traffic or through numerous channels. A wide band of frequencies are handled through a single broadband signal. If the bandwidth ...

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U Mobile Collaborates with TM to Boost 4G LTE Coverage


With 3G already a thing of the past, the next-generation of mobile network lies on the 4G LTE (fourth generation/long-term evolution) rollout. U Mobile Sdn Bhd, which ranked as the fourth-largest mobile operator in Malaysia, has recently inked a collaborative deal with Telekom Malaysia’s (TM) Next-Gen Backhaul Services (NGBH). The ...

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Celcom’s First Basic 38 Plan Heads Off to a Good Start


The introduction of 6% GST in Malaysia is making most citizens in Malaysia feeling the pinch than they already are. With the cost of living soaring higher from time to time, it’s natural that many people are finding ways to save money to ease their burden. This is especially true ...

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WIYO – Wireless Internet while Travelling


Has it ever occurred to you that streaming internet can be troublesome when you’re travelling abroad? Sure, you have a choice of turning on the international data roaming from your smartphone’s setting. But let’s face it – data roaming is hardly cheap. Even the “best data roaming rates” promotion provided ...

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How to Boost Your Home’s Wi-Fi Signal


Whether you use a desktop computer or laptop at home, no gadget would be complete without the existence of Wi-Fi. In fact, Wi-Fi is so important that without it, your gadget is as useless as a junk. But having Wi-Fi alone isn’t enough. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, everyone demands faster ...

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Unifi New Residential 30Mbps and 50Mbps Plans

tm unifi

These days, everything from working culture to daily lifestyle has to be fast and efficient. The same principle also applies to the internet. At present, our highest internet speed in Malaysia clocked at 20Mbps and frankly, it’s still not fast enough to satisfy most of the demanding users. This is ...

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