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Maxis fibre – The next best thing in internet market

Maxis fibre internet is preferred by the people of Malaysia as they can surf the net, stream videos, and download large files at a very high speed as it provides speed up to 100 Mbps. Other than great internet speed the connection also provides unlimited data usage and also provides free voice calling facility.

Different packages of Maxis fibre connection

Home packages: The main aim of Maxis fibre internet connection for home uses is to provide people with browsing speed of minimum 10 Mbps and maximum 30 Mbps. Through their internet packages people can avail high internet speed at an affordable and cheap pricing. With faster speed one can download files fast, can browse things easily, enhance their gaming experience, get buffer free video streaming, and many other advantages.

Business packages: the Maxis fibre connection is popular among the business oriented people and more than 10,000 people use this connection in their offices. The first month usage of the same is free and there are four different maxis business fibre packages. The minimum rate of the same for 4 Mbps speed is RM178 (Malaysian currency rate) and maximum 32 Mbps speed for RM498.the installation of the internet service takes up to 3 to 4 business week.

Subscription and area coverage of Maxis fibre connection

People can subscribe to this internet connection by directly enquiring about it in the various Maxis centres. They can also call the service providers customer care numbers in order to know about its working and different deals and connection packages. They can log into the official website of Maxis or contact the service provider’s exclusive partners. People can contact the service provider’s appointed dealers in order to know more about the service and in order to subscribe to the same. Before subscribing, people can check whether the service is available in their area or not but checking their website or by calling customer care toll free number.

How to install the service

In order to install the service, one has to subscribe to the service and write an application regarding the same. Once the application is accepted the consumer will get a call from Maxis customer care within 7 days of registration. Citizens of Malaysia have to make a deposit of RM75 for the installation of the same. Once the installation is done, the new users will get 1 residential Wi-Fi router, a welcome kit explaining the procedures, unlimited free calls for Maxis users/ fixed lines, and will also get a credit of RM30 for making call to any number.

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