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Decode internet with Digi

One of the major mobile service providers present in Malaysia is Digi telecommunications. It is one of the most innovative companies of the world and is the only Malaysian telecommunications operator from Asia to get featured in the Forbes magazine list in 2014. It was first telecommunications operator to get launched in Malaysia on May 24, 1995 and was also the first to provide a complete digitalized cellular network in the country. People of the country can switch from their mobile service providers to Digi free of cost. The service provider uses the dialling prefix of “010”, “016”, “0143”, “0146”, and “0149”. In the year 2004 on the month of May, dated 14th, this service provider provided the first GPRS system in Malaysia.

The telecommunications operator is primarily owned by a Norwegian company named Telenor ASA.

Digi telecommunications as a service provider

Digi telecommunications is one of the three top service providers in Malaysia, it covers almost 95 percent of the country’s population with 2G services, 85 percent of the population with 3G services and has 35 percent of the population covered with 4G services.  They are a provider of various mobile related communication services. Many of their services are: voice calling, short message services, pre-paid and post-paid plans, data coverage plans, internet services, roaming facilities both international and national and calling cards. In 2010 they also provided operational services to IPhone in Malaysia and also became the first communication provider to provide mobile number selection services in the country, through this service people could choose their own number instead of using pre-assigned numbers.

Understanding Digi

The main aim of Digi is to provide internet for all and as such provides mobile and internet related services to over 11 million Malaysian population. The company is committed to build the country’s internet scenario and provides the people with not only good connectivity but looks into the socio-economic growth of the country through internet accessible businesses. The telecommunication provider provides smart usage of internet related devices, strong network system, good applications, and high rate connection speed along with the pricing of the services which are cheap and affordable.

Digi as a game changer

The telecom company always strives to do better that it already is and always plays an important part in changing the technology game in Malaysia. The service providers continuously improve their services, raise the service standards and keep adjusting their boundaries as they strive to do best. The corporation set certain goals and deliver the same in time. They provide internet services to people in a very simple manner so that anybody can use them.

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