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Celcom – Best Friend of the Budget-Conscious!

If you are a budget-conscious person wanting to stay connected to the world, Celcom is the perfect choice. The company recently responded to the Government’s call to offer Internet at an affordable rate. The price is a surprise, not only for the average user, but also to its rivals.

Taking competition to the next level

Celcom offers an entry level plan for 3G data users; just RM38 per month. According to the experts, this is the most affordable postpaid plan you can get in the market. This, according to them has made the competition fiercer. It is believed that the competitors; Maxis and TM will definitely come up with something to beat this amazing offer.

Insights from analysts

A research into this new development leads to the following conclusions.

  1. Celcom is in a desperate bid to regain its lost subscriber base. It is reported that the company lost millions of customers to its rivals.
  2. It aspires to gain prepaid subscribers and tempt them to migrate to its postpaid plan. It has even reduced its rate of 3G mobile Internet package. The attempt will definitely attract thousands of average Internet users. The other players are trying to attain this by offering limited-time promotions like freebies and other rewards.

What you get

Enjoying all these benefits is quite simple. Subscribe to the plan and enter into a commitment not to go back for a certain period of time. A favorable decision will offer you the following benefits.

  • High-speed Internet at the lowest rate
  • The facility to carry forward unused data


According to analysts, Celcom is the first mobile carrier that allows its subscribers to carry forward unused data to the next month. Besides, the lowest rate goes against the standard practices. In the past, telcos attracted subscribers offering value added services. They also feel that a drastic reduction in the rate may cause trouble. The expense may not match well with the investment needed to expand coverage.




Even with this new development and the concerns it raises, observers remain optimistic. They are of the view that as broadband expands, the price will go down further. However, balancing between the huge expenses involved in maintaining the network and such lower rate is going to be a tough job.


Time is running fast. If you want to get the most from this fierce competition, be a part of the rat race; subscribe to this entry-level plan from Celcom.

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