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Celcom – Best Friend of the Budget-Conscious!

If you are a budget-conscious person wanting to stay connected to the world, Celcom is the perfect choice. The company recently responded to the Government’s call to offer Internet at an affordable rate. The price is a surprise, not only for the average user, but also to its rivals. Taking ...

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Introduction Malaysian telecommunication launched a communication service provider in 1993, which became the most popular and the best service provider today, after it was listed in 2009. The main tower of this Maxis provider is located in Kuala Lumpur. It serves most Asian countries except Japan, Korea, and Nepal. On ...

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Decode internet with Digi

One of the major mobile service providers present in Malaysia is Digi telecommunications. It is one of the most innovative companies of the world and is the only Malaysian telecommunications operator from Asia to get featured in the Forbes magazine list in 2014. It was first telecommunications operator to get ...

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Say yes to Yes 4G

One of the telecommunications service providers of Malaysia owned by a company named YTL Corporation is Yes. The service provider is based on pre-paid model and hence the customers of the same have to top up their accounts before using any service of this provider. Through this billing system people ...

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U Mobile Collaborates with TM to Boost 4G LTE Coverage


With 3G already a thing of the past, the next-generation of mobile network lies on the 4G LTE (fourth generation/long-term evolution) rollout. U Mobile Sdn Bhd, which ranked as the fourth-largest mobile operator in Malaysia, has recently inked a collaborative deal with Telekom Malaysia’s (TM) Next-Gen Backhaul Services (NGBH). The ...

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Celcom’s First Basic 38 Plan Heads Off to a Good Start


The introduction of 6% GST in Malaysia is making most citizens in Malaysia feeling the pinch than they already are. With the cost of living soaring higher from time to time, it’s natural that many people are finding ways to save money to ease their burden. This is especially true ...

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