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Broadband in Malaysia – An Overview

Government is striving to transform Malaysia into a digital economy. The efforts have started bearing fruits; Internet here is much cheaper today. But, the trouble is that the commitment stays limited only to entry-level packages. Premium products and services still remain much expensive; beyond the reach of the middle class. ...

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Unifi and its services

Telekom Malaysia provides a triple-play service which is known as Unifi. The word Unifi comes from the addition of two words: “uni” which means togetherness and friendship and from “Fi” which means fiber optics. Through this service people, can get access to high-speed internet, get good phone connectivity, and can ...

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Broadband services simplified for Malaysians

What is broadband? Broadband is a term used mostly in the telecommunication sector. The data is transmitted through a wide bandwidth to a number of signals and various types of traffic or through numerous channels. A wide band of frequencies are handled through a single broadband signal. If the bandwidth ...

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Unifi New Residential 30Mbps and 50Mbps Plans

tm unifi

These days, everything from working culture to daily lifestyle has to be fast and efficient. The same principle also applies to the internet. At present, our highest internet speed in Malaysia clocked at 20Mbps and frankly, it’s still not fast enough to satisfy most of the demanding users. This is ...

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