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Broadband services simplified for Malaysians

What is broadband?

Broadband is a term used mostly in the telecommunication sector. The data is transmitted through a wide bandwidth to a number of signals and various types of traffic or through numerous channels. A wide band of frequencies are handled through a single broadband signal. If the bandwidth of a signal carrying channel is high then the information carrying capacity of the channel too is high. The term broadband gained popularity with the coming of new age telephones and cables which gave people easy access to internet through their expensive data rate products with fast internet access availability. The different mediums used for broadband services are optical fibre, coaxial cable, twisted pair, and wireless broadband. The technology of wireless broadband helps people across a wide area to access internet and also helps them in computer networking as it provides high speed internet to them through wireless medium. Mobile broadband are type of wireless broadband.

Mobile broadband

When people can avail the uses of internet through wireless medium like the mobile phone, portable modem, tablets, laptops, smart phones, notebooks, USB wireless modems, and through mobile service providing networks, this is called mobile broadband. Through this broadband internet can be accessed through mobile phone networking towers. In many cases, one mobile phone connection with internet facility or one portable modem can provide internet access to many other available devices such as computers and other cellular phones. This process of internet sharing is known as tethering. Other than transporting internet data through these mobile broadband, users can also use the broadband supporting cellular devices for video and voice calls.

Mobile broadband and wireless broadband

People who use internet heavily and are constantly in a move, they need good broadband plans. The best plans one can opt are basically postpaid plans. As the market of broadband plans is huge with a number of internet providers providing various plans, people get confused while choosing what will work best for them. One thing consumers should keep in mind while choosing a plan is to check which plan gives them the best value for money. The most important thing to understand while zeroing down on a plan is that mobile postpaid plans are different from wireless broadband plans.  The main difference between the two is the one can make calls and can send out and receive test messages in mobile plans whereas this feature is not available wireless broadband plans. Both the plans offer 2G, 3G, and 4G connections.

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