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Broadband in Malaysia – An Overview

Government is striving to transform Malaysia into a digital economy. The efforts have started bearing fruits; Internet here is much cheaper today. But, the trouble is that the commitment stays limited only to entry-level packages. Premium products and services still remain much expensive; beyond the reach of the middle class. If you are an average consumer, the best thing is to stay with an entry-level plan. It will definitely give you more than what you want in a major city.

Getting the best broadband in Malaysia

When looking for a broadband package, consumers often trip on the advice; you get what you pay for. Remember these tips and you will take an informed decision in this regard.

  1. Evaluate your requirement

When applying for an Internet connection, you will be offered two options, business, and consumer plans. Consumer plans are designed for individual customers. They are meant just for a single computer or mobile phone. A business plan lets you connect more than 4 computers into a network without affecting the speed. The package will be more expensive than an individual plan.

  1. Prepaid and postpaid

If you don’t use the Internet consistently, a postpaid plan may not be the one for you. Check your data usage and choose the one designed for you.

  1. Coverage

It is true that broadband in the country offers the highest speed you can get anywhere in the world. But, coverage stays limited to major cities. It implies that if you live in a small town, you may not be able to enjoy fibre optic Internet, the most advanced technology available at present. And, for someone living in a small village, dial-up is the only choice.

The numerous technologies, allotted data usage and customer service are the other things that deserve utmost consideration when making a choice.

Internet on the go                                                                                                            

If you are someone who travels a lot, a cable or fibre broadband may not be the one for you. Mobile Internet in Malaysia is quite affordable. Besides, it lets you carry your connection wherever you go. Just take care to check coverage for your choice carrier before subscribing to a specific package. Seek recommendations from your friends and remember the tips given above. You will enjoy high-speed Internet at an affordable rate.

Broadband in Malaysia is a field where you can always expect the best. All you need to do is to stay updated with the latest developments.

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